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                             Dr. Naomi Hillel


Dr. Naomi Hillel graduated from Columbia College in 1988 and from the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine in 1992.  She then completed a one year internship in oral surgery at Rambam Hospital in Israel in 1993 and a residency in pediatric dentistry at Mount Sinai Hospital in 2010.  She is presently on the teaching staff at Mt. Sinai Hospital and Robert Wood Johnson Hospital.  During her time at Mt. Sinai, Dr. Hillel studied under Dr. Barry Raphael, an integrative orthodontist who introduced the concept of achieving ideal facial growth through proper use of the oral and facial musculature.  The idea that nursing, breathing, swallowing and chewing all have critical roles in facial and airway development so intrigued   Dr. Hillel that she went on to complete the Alf Orthodontics mini residency, enabling her to use the alf appliance to establish good jaw relationships and favorable growth patterns on even the youngest of patients.  Presently  Dr. Hillel practices both comprehensive pediatric dentistry as well as ALF orthodontics on even the youngest of patients. With a kind and gentle manner, Dr. Hillel evaluates each child, both from the perspective of the health of his individual teeth and oral  tissues as well as his growing face and airway.