AGGA Growth Appliance 


What is AGGA?

AGGA is an acronym for anterior growth guidance appliance.  It is a type of orthodontics that enables forward growth of the face and jaws and either improvement or resolution of cranial strains. The forward growth allows for more space for crowded teeth, an improved profile, increased space for the tongue, improved head and shoulder posture and improved breathing capabilities. It also allows for temporomandibular joints to settle in the appropriate physiologic position.


The removable AGGA (removable anterior growth guidance appliance) is best for children who have a mixture of baby and permanent teeth present in their mouth. The age range for this appliance tends to be between the ages of 6-12. This functional appliance is worn at all times except for tooth brushing and is usually followed by braces or clear aligner therapy when they child has all of his or her permanent teeth present.

Fixed AGGA

Fixed AGGA expands the upper jaw anteroposteriorly to create more tongue space, open airways, and improve TMJ issues. FAGGA treatment may also improve the appearance of the cheekbones, eyes, nose, and lower jaw. 

The fixed AGGA accomplishes similar forward growth as the removable, but it is used when the individual has a full complement of permanent teeth. It is typically used when the child is of “braces age”. It is always followed by braces.

Removable AGGA